fbpx 15% Off Four Nights!

15% Off Four Nights!

Book four or more nights between now and April 2
and get 15% off your entire stay!

A perfect opportunity to take advantage of the great weather before the summer crowds arrive!

Call 800-232-2440 and use
promo code SPRING FLING 2023.

Applicable to new reservations only.

6 Responses

    1. If you’re asking for the price of two adults, it depends on things like when you want to come, how long you’re staying, and which condo you’d like. The best thing to do is go to click that Book Now button at the top and put all that in, then call 800-232-2440 to use the discount code on this page.

      Hope to see you soon!

    1. We have an elevator that services all floors. If you need specific accessible requirements, the best thing to do would be to call 800-232-2440 to discuss any particular needs, as each room is a little different.

      Hope to see you soon!

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