Atlantic Towers | Oceanfront Hotel in Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach Oceanfront Hotel

Carolina Beach’s premiere oceanfront condo rentals can be found within the eleven-story complex that is Atlantic Towers. All 133 fully furnished suites of this beachfront property feature one or two bedrooms and and a full kitchen, so you can eat in for breakfast and experience Carolina Beach’s wide variety of local restaurants for lunch and dinner.

Every living/dining area opens to a private balcony with a fantastic view of Carolina Beach with the Atlantic Ocean stretching beyond the horizon. Have a seat on the balcony. Feel the breeze. Listen to the crash of the waves. Smell the refreshing salt air.

If enjoying one of North Carolina’s most popular beaches isn’t enough, you can enjoy the outdoors at Atlantic Towers at our sun deck, gazebo, and swimming pool. If you want to get out of the sun for a bit, go take a dip in the heated indoor pool, spend some quarters in the arcade room, or head back up to your room to relax with some TV or scrolling around on your phone with the included free wifi for a little while.

There is no better way to enjoy a Carolina Beach vacation than booking your stay at Atlantic Towers Oceanfront Suites!


Every condo suite at Atlantic Towers includes 1-2 bedrooms, a kitchenette, a living room, free wifi, and a balcony overlooking Carolina Beach. 

Your Carolina Beach Vacation at Atlantic Towers

You wake up and stretch, smelling the coffee and bacon your spouse is preparing. You come out of your bedroom the same time as the kids, who rush down the hall and through the living room area to throw open the sliding glass door to the balcony. 

Kid playing in sand at Atlantic Towers on Carolina Beach, NC

First you hear the roar of the waves below, then you smell that fresh salt air. You join the kids on the balcony, looking down at Carolina Beach below. Your honey brings out a plate of eggs, toast, and bacon and the whole family enjoys breakfast in the cool morning air. 

As you all take the elevator down to the ground floor heading out to the beach, you discuss where to eat tonight. There are so many local seafood places, from mom & pop diners to fine dining, and so many colorful, fun restaurants it’s hard to decide.

When you get out on the strand the kids run to jump in the water while you and your sweetheart set up under a beach umbrella. You watch the kids splash around then take turns on the skin board you bought them at Wings on the way in to town. Maybe they’ll try some surf lessons tomorrow.


Private beach access, indoor and outdoor pools, washing machines, and a video game arcade. We’ve got all you need for your Carolina Beach vacation and more!

Family in the swimming pool at Atlantic Towers, Carolina Beach oceanfront hotel

A couple hours later, after shell hunting while taking a walk on the beach, sandcastles, and burying the kids in the sand, everyone is ready for the lunch you packed. You all head to the pavilion by the pool back at the hotel. You chat with a few other guests who are grilling burgers and hot dogs on Atlantic Towers’s grills while you get your food  ready. This is your first visit, but they tell you they’ve been coming every year for more than a decade. You can see why they like it so much.

The pool is right behind the pavilion, so after lunch it’s time for a refreshing swim. (You know you don’t have to wait 30 minutes after eating to swim, but you still can’t help a twinge of worry about it as you all get in the pool.) After splashing around a bit the kids are really intrigued by the indoor pool, so they just HAVE to check that out!

On the way back to the elevators the kids notice the video game room. It’s time to wash up and get ready for dinner, but you promise to send them back down with some quarters later. (Of course you’re just hoping they’ll forget, but you know they won’t.)

Everyone washes up and rests back up in the suite, some of you watching a bit of TV, some of you just sitting out on the balcony. The kids are taking advantage of the complementary wifi to TikTok and Snap some of the pictures and videos they took today.

You notice a stunning sunset a short while later on the way to the elevator and stop to take a picture.

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach has a distinct beach town character all its own. Packed with local restaurants and plenty of bars, even people who hate the sand will have a time to remember!

The family has decided to eat at The Lazy Pirate tonight. Between the beach volleyball, the axe throwing, the live music, and the fun-loving crowd, you almost forget that you’re there to eat!

Nobody’s ready to turn in yet, and the air is filled with a vibrancy that compels you to walk around and take in the uniqueness of Carolina Beach. The family heads over to the Boardwalk where you let the kids ride a few rides, and then everyone takes a trip around on the ferris wheel. 

After that you peruse the shops and go check out this Britt’s Donuts place you’ve heard so much about. Yes, you decide, it’s as world-changing an experience as you’ve been told!

Back at Atlantic Towers, the kids pass out quick. You and your boo are snuggled up and as you drift off to sleep you ask yourself:

Why would we ever go to Carolina Beach and stay anywhere besides Atlantic Towers?